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WordTrap Dungeon is a scrabble-like, word spelling game, mixed with classic dungeon RPG mechanics.

WordTrap Dungeon
prototype is here!

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Game by Crunching Koalas,
an independent game development studio formed by the creators of Ancient Quest Of Saqqarah, Magic Match and Phantasmat.

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Why WordTrap Dungeon?

Show off your vocabulary skills and smash incoming foes with your beloved words such as: "love", "peace" or... "grammaticaster"

Uncover the tale of
a young wizard, trapped in a tower full of risks and magical mysteries.

Explore dungeons, swarming with every-day dungeon fellas (bats, goblins, beholders), all commanded by fearsome, gargantuan bosses

Enhance your hero through a simplified RPG system, available in a Story and Arena
game mode

Collect bonus letters to inflict kick-ass status debuffs: freeze, bleed or even shrink

Get the early version!

WordTrap Dungeon is still a work in progress, but you can download and play an early version of the game for free. Simply sign up to our Beta Program and enjoy free instant access.


"WordTrap Dungeon, a new typing/puzzle game on PC is in
pre-alpha, and it looks pretty darn good so far."

- Chris Carter, Destructoid

"WordTrap Dungeon is a dungeon crawler with RPG elements, but its base mechanics rely on spelling words, offering quite an intriguing combination of gameplay styles."

- David Sanchez, Gamezone

"WordTrap Dungeon is in
early development, and the
developers are doing the
right thing and allowing
anyone to play it, provided they sign up to their on-site beta program."
- Chris Priestman, IndieStatik

"MouseCraft creator
Crunching Koalas seeks
players for its free Scrabble-
inspired dungeon crawler WordTrap Dungeon."

- Danny Cowan,